Nayonghe Bridge

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Nayonghe Bridge
Nayong, Guizhou, China
(361) feet high / (110) meters high
361 foot span / 110 meter span

Built upstream of the Qianzhong Dam around the southern end of Nayong County, the Nayonghe Bridge is one of two beam bridges with main spans of 110 meters that were required to allow local roads X019 and X760 to cross the giant Qianzhong reservoir. The earthfill dam is located across the great Sancha River which is one of the two river arms that form the Wu River which has more high bridges across its waters then any other river on earth.

Although the 65 meter piers are mostly hidden beneath the lake, the Nayonghe Bridge's simple span configuration is always visible and consists of an approach span of 25 meters and a main span of 64.2+110+64.2 meters.

The Baishuihe Bridge is not as high but is similar in size with a main span of 64.2+110+64.2 meters. I am not sure of the exact location of either bridge.


Nayonghe Bridge drawing.


Baishuihe Bridge.

Qianzhong Dam.

Qianzhong Dam location map.

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