Neckar Valley Bridge Weitingen

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Neckar Valley Bridge Weitingen
Neckartalbrücke Weitingen
Weitingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
443 feet high / 135 meters high
863 foot span / 263 meter span


One of Germany’s 4 or 5 largest and highest autobahn viaducts, the Neckar Valley Weitingen is innovative for its two end spans. Each consists of an inverted cable stay tower that supports a massive beam span of 863 feet (263 mtrs). Similar to a king post truss, these are the largest inverted cable stayed spans in the world. The locked coil cables are 105 and 120 mm thick. The central towers in the valley are octagon shaped while the slope towers that support the cable stayed spans are framed double columns.

Neckar Valley Bridge Weitingen Elevation

2NeckarWeitingenAerial copy.jpg

Neckar Valley Bridge Weitingen satellite image.

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