Panama Bridges 90 to 100 meters

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Centenario Bridge has the highest clearance for ship or ocean going vessels in North America

The highest bridge in Panama, the Puente Centenario (87 meters high) crosses the west end of the Panama canal about 10 miles (16 kms) from the Atlantic ocean. Before the cable stayed bridge was completed near Pedro Miguel, the only way to cross the southern end of the canal was over the congested Puente de las Americas at Panama City. The Pan-American highway now crosses the new Centennial bridge instead of the Bridge of the Americas.

The main span of 1,378 feet (420 mtrs) is supported by two towers 609 feet (185.5 mtrs) tall. The unusually high clearance of 262 feet (80 mtrs) was dictated by the extreme height of ocean going vessels traveling though the canal. The towers are more than 100 feet (30 mtrs) back from the canal in anticipation of a huge widening project that has been undertaken to accommodate larger ships and increased traffic.

The bridge was designed by T.Y. Lin International and Louis Berger Group, Inc. from concepts created by architect Miguel Rosales of Rosales + Partners.

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