Prainha Viaduct


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Prainha Viaduct
Viaduto Prainha
Ronaldo de Souza Bridge
Viaduto Ronaldo de Souza
Nova Era, Minas Gerais, Brazil
328 feet high / 100 meters high
(148) foot span / (45) meter span

Completed in 2009, the towering 2-lane Prainha Viaduct was constructed to bypass a landslide prone stretch of route BR-381 in a mountainous region of Minas Gerais. Officially named the Ronaldo de Souza Bridge, a local lawyer and businessman, the 510 meter structure consists of 12 beam spans supported on pillars that reach a maximum height of 98 meters to the underside of a 13.2 meter wide road deck. The bridge is located 15 kilometers northeast of Nova Era.

Image by Alves Sobrin.

Image by Alves Sobrin.

Image by Roger Alves.

Prainha Viaduct construction image from 2007.

A clean satellite image before the Prainha bridge was constructed to bypass a slide prone loop of route 381.

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