Qingjiang Bridge Shuibuya

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Qingjiang Bridge Shuibuya
Shuibuyazhen, Hubei, China
820 feet high / 250 meters high
1,378 foot span / 420 meter span

The Qing River might be the most spectacular in all of Hubei Province after the great Yangtze. With its origins high up in the towering mountains of Enshi Grand Canyon Park, the Qingjiang spends most of its run between cliffs hundreds of meters high. Not surprisingly this environment is perfect for tall dams and two of the greatest in China are along its lower reaches including the 233 meter tall Shuibuya Dam.

Located just a kilometer upstream of the Shuibuya Dam, the 420 meter span Qingjiang Bridge may not look high but the reservoir beneath it is about 200 meters deep. The Shuibuya Dam was completed in 2008 as the tallest concrete face rock-fill dam in the world, a record since surpassed by China's Changheba Dam which is 240 meters tall.

The 2-lane suspension bridge has a width of 11 meters and a total length of 561 meters.

A rare view of the backside of the Shuibuya Dam that is now hidden from view shows how the canyon looked in the vicinity of the new suspension bridge without 200 meters of reservoir water.

Shuibuya Dam aerial.

Qingjiang Bridge Shuibuya satellite image.

Qingjiang Bridge Shuibuya location map.

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