Ryujin Footbridge

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Ryujin Footbridge
Nishitari, Ibaraki, Japan
385 feet high / 117 meters high
1,230 foot span / 375 meter span


At the time of its opening in 1994, the Ryujin Footbridge was the second longest span conventional suspension pedestrian bridge in the world at 1,230 feet (375 mtrs). Also opened in 1994 is the Wanjiazhai Dam suspension footbridge that was constructed over the Yellow River with a span of 1,640 feet (500 mtrs) between towers or 1,532 feet (467 mtrs) as measured along the deck. The bridge was originally built for workers to get across the Yellow River gorge during the construction of the Wanjiazhai hydroelectric dam and was not rehabilitated for public use until 2000.

Among Japanese footbridges, Ryujin was finally surpassed in 2006 by the Kokonoe "Yume" Otsurihashi suspension footbridge with a main span of 1,280 feet (390 mtrs). Prior to Ryujin and Kokonoe, one of the country’s longest suspension footbridges was the 1984-built Teruha bridge in Aya with a tower to tower distance of 820 feet (250 mtrs). At the time Aya also held Japan’s bridge height record at 466 feet. (142 mtrs).

None of these Japanese footbridges, however, is as long as the catenary suspension bridge at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in Selangor, Malaysia with a span of 1,404 feet (428 mtrs). Many do not consider catenary bridges to be true suspension bridges since they do not have towers and the sloping decks are often uneven and unstable.

With thick, muscular towers, a deep stiffening truss and a wide deck, Ryujin could almost be mistaken for a road bridge. The overbuilt design has made a walk across the bridge less fearful for those who are afraid of heights. Located just upstream from a dam, The Ryujin bridge is 300 feet (91 mtrs) high to the full reservoir level or 385 feet (117 mtrs) to the old river level. Love em’ or hate em’, the unusual steel fins protruding from the the towers give the bridge a one-of-a-kind look like no other. Pierre Cardin would approve!


しかし、どの橋も、マレーシア、セランゴルのスンウェイラグーン・テーマパーク(Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in Selangor, Malaysia)にある全長428mのカテナリー型つり橋ほど長くはありません。カテナリー型 つり橋には、しばしば平らでなく不安定に傾斜するデッキがあるため多くの人はこの橋を真のつり橋として認めていません。






Pierre Cardin designed dress.


Ryujin Footbridge satellite image.

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