Salbit Footbridge


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Salbit Footbridge
Göschenen, Uri, Switzerland
(295) feet high / (90) meters high
(295) foot span / (90) meter span

One of the more remote footbridges in Europe, the Salbit hanging bridge is a short but spectacular Tibet-style span that crosses a steep gully on a mountain hiking trail between Voralp hut and the Salbit hut.

To reach the Salbit Footbridge you must ascend 1,005 meters to an altitude of 2,105 meters. Expect several hours round trip hike or take 2 days and stay in Salbit hut.

Salbit Footbridge satellite image.

Salbit Footbridge location map.

A map showing the trail between Voralp hut and the Salbit hut and the Salbit Footbridge.

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