Sanchakou Railway Bridge

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Sanchakou Railway Bridge
Cangxi, Sichuan, China
(279) feet high / (85) meters high
236 foot span / 72 meter span

Sanchakou RailwaySatellite.jpg

Sanchakou Railway Bridge is one of the higher bridges on the 820 kilometer Chongqing–Lanzhou Railway line. The 788 meter viaduct has a central span configuration of 40+72+40 meters on piers 59 and 62 meters tall with several approach spans of 32 meters.

Rail transport from Lanzhou and Chongqing was shortened from 1,466 kilometers on the older route to only 820 kilometers on the new route with conventional train time reduced to 7 hours from 17.5 hours. The fastest trains complete the route in just 5.5 hours.

Sanchakou RailwaySatellite.jpg

Sanchakou Railway Bridge satellite image.

Sanchakou RailwaySatelliteWide.jpg

Sanchakou RailwayLocationMap.jpg

Sanchakou Railway Bridge location map.

Sanchakou RailwayLocationMapWide.jpg