Sant'Onofrio Viaduct 1974

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Sant'Onofrio Viaduct 1974
Viadotto Sant'Onofrio 1974
Auletta, Campania, Italy
(361) feet high / 110 meters high
(148) foot span / 163 meter span


Similar in design to many other high viaducts along Italy’s A3 motorway, the original Viadotto Sant'Onofrio had slender rectangular piers topped with cantilevered hammerhead supports. Precast concrete drop-in spans rested on “chairs” at either end of the hammerhead cap. In 2009 it all came crashing down when the 1974 structure was imploded after one of two new Sant'Onofrio bridges opened parallel to the original.

You can see various views of the Sant'Onofrio implosion as well as several others along the A3 on Youtube:

Viadotto Lontrano

Viadotto Sant'Onofrio

Viadotto Tanagro

Viadotto Noce

Viadotto Stagno

Viadotto Malvo


The old 1974 Sant'Onofrio Viaduct comes crashing down.


Sant'Onofrio Viaduct satellite image.


Sant'Onofrio Viaduct satellite image.

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