Sordo Bridge

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Sordo Bridge
Ponte Sordo
Vila Real, Vila Real, Portugal
344 feet high / 105 meters high
459 foot span / 140 meter span


Completed in 2012, the Ponte Sordo is located on the eastern end of a new 30 kilometer highway extension that links up Amarante to Vila Real in Northern Portugal. The new route bypasses an older highway with less turns and easier grades.

Also on the new autopista is the giant Viaduto Marão which towers 150 meters high several miles west of Sordo. Further west of Marão is Viaduto Giao in the near-100 meter height range.

Sordo Bridge Elevation


Image by Peri.


Image by Peri.


Image by Peri.


Image by Peri.


Image by Peri.


There are many smaller viaducts along the steep mountain slopes between Amarante and Vila Real.


A view of viaducts 6,7, 8 and 9 at the far right. Just after viaduct 9 the highway enters the impressive Marão tunnel with a length of 5.6 kilometers. The older highway can be seen higher up on the mountain. Image by Ricardo Mirandes.


A map showing a section of the new highway in the proximity of the Sordo river crossing which is also known as Viaduto V12.


A wide satellite view of the Sordo Bridge construction site shows the path of the new highway south of the older route. The bypass required the construction of several large viaducts and tunnels.


Significant progress can clearly be seen on the construction of the Sordo Bridge eastern pier while the western pier is just above the foundation stage. You can double click on the image for a closer look.

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