Tatarna Bridge

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Tatarna Bridge
Triklino, Central Greece, Greece
(361) feet high / (110) meters high
643 foot span / 196 meter span


Image by Βαγγέλης Δούτσιος – Vangelis Doutsios

Located across an arm of Kremaston Lake is the Tatarna prestressed concrete beam bridge. The main span of 643 feet (196 mtrs) was the longest of its type in the country when it was completed in 1973. The largest lake in Greece was created by the Kremaston Dam, an earth fill structure 564 feet (172 mtrs) high. The bridge crosses a narrow gap in the lake 7 miles (11 kms) north of the dam. The bridge was designed by Ikonomou and constructed by Dyckerhoff & Widmann.


Image by Βαγγέλης Δούτσιος – Vangelis Doutsios


Tatarna Bridge satellite image.

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