Tianchi Bridge

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Tianchi Bridge
Hongkouxiang, Fujian, China
(466) feet high / (142) meters high
673 foot span / 205 meter span

Image by www.hdzxw.com

With a span length of 205 meters, the Tianchi Bridge is one of two large concrete arch spans along the newly improved S303 highway in Fujian Province. The nearby Lingdou arch is similar in design but with a smaller span of 160 meters. The two spans look nearly identical though Tianchi has 18 spandrel openings while Xingduicha has only 13.

Both bridges cross over a deep reservoir formed by the construction of a downstream dam.

Tianchi Bridge area dam satellite image.

Tianchi Bridge satellite image.

A satellite view of the Tianchi Bridge crossing in the middle left and the Lingdou Bridge in the middle right just above the cloud.

Tianchi Bridge location map.

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