Tianpotou Railway Bridge

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Tianpotou Railway Bridge
Kaiyang, Guizhou, China
338 feet high / 103 meters high
420 foot span / 128 meter span

Tianpotou Railway Bridge is the second highest span on the 66 kilometer double track high speed railway line between Guiyang and Kaiyang cities. The bridge has a span configuration of 72+128+72 meters and a total length of 291 meters with a maximum pier height of 80 meters.

4 kilometers north of Tianpotou is the more famous Nanjiang Railway Bridge that crosses 230 meters above the spectacular Nan River gorge. Just 1 kilometer south of Tianpotou is the 3rd highest beam bridge on the line at 80 meters in height.

Tianpotou Railway Bridge satellite image.

The Tianpotou Railway Bridge crossing is at the bottom. At the top is the Nanjiang Railway Bridge crossing.

The Tianpotou Railway Bridge location map.

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