Tianshengxia Railway Bridge

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Tianshengxia Railway Bridge
Longchangzhen, Guizhou, China
341 feet high / 104 meters high
420 foot span / 128 meter span


The Tianshengxia Railway Bridge is on a parallel line that is part of an upgrade to the older GuiKun line that connects Liupanshui and northern Guizhou with Yunnan Province and Kunming city to the west. The original line crosses the Kedu River on a more traditional steel box towered trestle approximately 55 meters high and 445 meters long. The new railway bridge is 670 meters long with a span configuration of 2x32 +68+2x128+72 +5x32 meters on piers as tall as 73 meters.

The railway crossing is one of the most famous in the region as the Kedu River is actually in a cave deep under the foundation of either railway bridge. This unique natural arch is why the engineers chose this location more then 100 kilometers north of a more direct path between Liupanshui and Kunming. This natural arch is reported to be 330 meters high with the river traveling for more then 1.2 kilometers through the cave. The Kedu River is part of the upper reaches of the Beipanjiang River which has more bridges over 300 meters in height then any other waterway in the world.


The original Keduhe Railway Bridge from the 1960s.



Tianshengxia Railway Bridge satellite image with most of the older viaduct removed.


Tianshengxia Railway Bridge satellite image with the older viaduct still in use and the newer bridge under construction.


Tianshengxia Railway Bridge location map.

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