Tiesuo Bridge

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Tiesuo Bridge
Hefeng, Hubei, China
394 feet high / 120 meters high
92 foot span / 28 meter span


Historically, the Tiesuo Bridge might be the most important high bridge in all of China. Originally built around 1600 AD as a chain bridge during the Wanli era, it may be the first bridge in the world to have exceeded 100 meters in height. It was not until the Puente Nueveo Bridge was completed in Ronda, Spain in 1793 that another bridge was built so high. Wrapping itself around the small peaks that line the Loushui River, the ancient route was one of the only northern access points into the city of Hefeng in Hubei Province.

Although it was probably rebuilt several times since the 1600s, the first recorded rebuild of the chain bridge was in 1898. This may have also been the first time that steel was used in the chains. Then in 1970, the chain bridge was replaced with a 28 meter span stone arch that is 4.5 meters wide. I hope to acquire some images of the original chain bridge that was last used in 1970. The bridge is located 10 kilometers northeast of Hefeng on county road 26.



Tiesuoqiao area.jpg

Tiesuoqiao from top.jpg


Remains of the Tiesuo chain bridge connection approximately 5 meters below the arch bridge.





The Tiesuo Bridge crosses a tributary of the Loushui River and is hidden out of view in the center of this image.


Tiesuo Bridge satellite image.


Tiesuo Bridge location map.

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