Tongshanxi Bridge

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Tongshanxi Bridge
Fuding, Fujian, China
591 feet high / 180 meters high
656 foot span / 200 meter span

2017 Tongshanxi Bridge04.jpg

Tongshanxi has the unique distinction of being the highest bridge within any of China's eastern coastal provinces with a deck height of 180 meters. The large 200 meter beam span crosses a V-shaped gorge on the new expressway between Guanling to Zherong in Fujian Province just 1 kilometer west of its junction with the G15 coastal expressway. The two main piers measure 114 and 126 meters in height. The bridge has a total length of 627 meters with a span configuration of 2x40 + 110+ 200+ 110+ 3x40 meters.

The beautiful Tongshan Brook empties into Shacheng Harbor about 15 kilometers downstream of the bridge before the bay opens up into the East China Sea.

Tongshanxi Bridge Elevation

2017 Tongshanxi Bridge01.jpg

2017 Tongshanxi Bridge05.jpg

2017 Tongshanxi Bridge06.jpg

2017 Tongshanxi Bridge08.jpg

2017 Tongshanxi Bridge09.jpg


The Tongshanxi high speed railway bridge is located just upstream of the expressway crossing.


Tongshanxi Computer rendering.


Tongshanxi Bridge satellite image.



Tongshanxi Bridge satellite image before construction began.


Map of the Tongshanxi Bridge location just west of the G15 expressway near Fuding in Fujian Province.

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