Tua River Bridge

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Tua River Bridge
Ponte Rio Tua
Vila Real, TrĂ¡s-os-Montes, Portugal
459 feet high / 140 meters high
722 foot span / 220 meter span

The highest bridge along the IC5, the 2-lane Tua River Bridge crosses a beautiful valley of terraced farm fields in Northeastern Portugal. With a central span of 220 meters, the Rio Tua crossing is one of Portugal's largest span high level beam crossings exceeded only by the 250 meter beam of the Rio Ceira Bridge that also opened in 2014.

The tallest pier on the Tua River bridge measures 88 meters and supports a span configuration of 140+220+140 meters.

Tua Bridge beam diagram.

Image by Flexy Colors.

Tua Bridge pier diagram.

Tua River Bridge cross section.

Tua River Bridge satellite image.

Tua River Bridge location map.

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