Turkey Bridges 90 to 100 meters

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The Mustafa Inan viaduct on the Trans-European motorway

The Karatas Bridge (90 meters high) is a viaduct on the Ankara peripheral motorway that was completed in 1998.

A twin bridge on the Trans-European motorway, the Mustafa Inan viaduct (90 meters high) has ten spans of 131 feet (40 mtrs) on piers as high as 289 feet (88 mtrs). Completed in 1982, the 1,312 foot (400 mtr) long bridge was rocked by a major earthquake in 1999 that caused a fair amount of damage to many of the structures on the motorway. The Mustafa Inan fared well with only minor damage to the seismic buffers on one of the long piers.

A classic stone masonry railway viaduct with piers that seem to vanish into a deep void, the Hacikiri railway bridge (90 meters high) is located in southern Turkey near the town of Kiralan on the Baghdat railway. Reported by some sources to be 100 meters high, the bridge was built in 1903 by Germans and is also called the Vardiha bridge which translates to “He Arrived”, a reference to a tale of a German engineer falling from the bridge.

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