Wuchuan Nanmu Footbridge

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Wuchuan Nanmu Footbridge
Duruzhen, Guizhou, China
282 feet high / 86 meters high
427 foot span / 130 meter span

Hidden deep within Northern Guizhou Province, the simple Wuchuan Nanmu Footbridge opened in 2001 to allow locals to get across the 86 meter drop of the great Fengle River canyon. After more then a decade of deterioration and neglect the bridge was repaired to make it safe to cross. The central span is 130 meters supported by cables that have an even greater span of 166.7 meters due to one end of the bridge terminating into a cliff anchorage. On the opposite end the cable seems to be supported by a more conventional tower. The wood planked deck is supported by closely spaced pieces of square wood that resemble small railroad ties.






Wuchuan Nanmu Footbridge location map.

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