Xiaolongtan Railway Bridge

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Xiaolongtan Railway Bridge
Zhaotong, Yunnan, China
(558) feet high / (170) meters high
551 foot span / 168 meter span

Xiaolongtan Railway Piers FarView.jpg

Xiaolongtan Railway Bridge is one of 4 giant beam bridges on the Yukun Chongqing to Kunming High Speed Railway. The cantilevered beam structure is supported by on piers as tall as 124 meters.

To the north on the same route is the even larger Luozehe Bridge with a pier 150 meters tall ranking among the 5 tallest railway piers in the world.

Xiaolongtan Railway Pier2.jpeg

Xiaolongtan Railway Piers FarView.jpg

Xiaolongtan RailwayPierTraveler.jpg

Xiaolongtan RailwayGorge.jpg


Xiaolongtan Railway Bridge satellite image.


Xiaolongtan Railway Bridge location map.