Yaojiawan Railway Bridge

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Yaojiawan Railway Bridge
Enshi, Hubei, China
279 feet high / 85 meters high
197 foot span / 60 meter span


The amazing Yi-wan Railway opened in 2010 as the most difficult train line project ever undertaken in China. The Yichang to Enshi section of the railway bypasses the 3 Gorges stretch of the Yangtze River with a seemingly endless succession of tunnels and bridges. It is rare for any rail line in the world to have a single bridge over 280 feet (85 meters) high - the Yiwan Railway line has fifteen that exceed that height threshold!.

With more than 70 percent of the route either in a tunnel or on a bridge, the complex geology of the terrain forced the engineers to overcome landslides, falling rocks and steep terrain.

The 15 highest bridges include Wanzhou Yangtze, Shuangliu, Sibuhe, Yeyabang, Zhoubadeng, Dukouhe, Yaojiawan, Makou, Mashuihe, Longwangmiao, Yesanhe, Yexihe, Zhaojialing, Shizikou and Luobuxi Bridges.

Located directly in the center of the V-shaped gorge, the Yaojiawan Railway Bridge is just 130 meters long but the tight crevasse it crosses makes it one of the more photogenic bridges on the spectacular Yiwan Railway line in Hubei Province with just one central pier of 80 meters tall supporting a T-span configuration of 60+60 meters.



Yaojiawan Bridge satellite image.



Yaojiawan Bridge location map.



The 15 highest bridges along the Yi-Wan Railway line between Yichang and Wanzhou cities.