Zhuazhuayan Bridge

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Zhuazhuayan Bridge
Leibo, Sichuan, China
656 feet high / 200 meters high
623 foot span / 190 meter span

China is home to nearly all of the world's highest reservoir bridges. The giant Zhuazhuayan Bridge is a perfect example, rising 200 meters above a deep tributary of the Jinshajiang (Yangtze River) with cliffs that are nearly vertical for much of its height. Sadly, like all deep reservoir bridges, we can no longer see the canyon depth, now hidden under the deep lake formed by the Xiluodu Dam. Rising 285.5 meters, this is currently the 3rd tallest concrete dam on earth. Xiluodu dam is located on the border of Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces.

The huge lake extends over 100 kilometers upstream from the dam and required the complete reconstruction of local road S307. Two other large and high beam bridges were also completed in 2013 across reservoir tributaries including the Youfanggou Bridge and the Aotiangou Bridge.

Zhuazhuayan Bridge is also referred to as the Xisujiao Bridge (西苏角特大桥) as it crosses the mouth of the Xisujiao River approximately 25 kilometers south of the Xiluodu Dam. The concrete beam bridge is 403 meters long with a main span of 190 meters.




Xiluodu Dam satellite image.


Xiluodu Dam.




Zhuazhuayan Bridge satellite image.


Zhuazhuayan Bridge location map.


Xiluodu Dam reservoir bridges location map.

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