Zoquita Bridge

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Zoquita Bridge
Puente Zoquita
Xicotepec de Juárez, Puebla, Mexico
377 feet high / 115 meters high
(525) foot span / (160) meter span


The third highest bridge on the Tuxpan-Mexico City highway now under construction, the Puente Zoquita will cross a deep gully along the upper edges of the San Marcos River valley. The prestressed concrete beam bridge will be located just 3 miles (5 kms) south of the gigantic San Marcos river bridge with its towering 732 foot (223 mtr) piers. Nearby Puente Sin Nombre will also be high at 351 feet (107 mtr). An arrow on the above map shows the location of the bridge at kilometer 158.

Puente Zoquita is located within the central Nuevo Necaxa-Tihuatlán section of the México-Tuxpan highway that is still incomplete. Extending from Mexico City to the Gulf of Mexico, the first and last thirds of the 182 mile (293 km) highway were finished in 2005. The difficulty in completing the highway lies in the central Nuevo Necaxa–Ávila Camacho section that runs for 23 miles (37 kms) along the mountainous San Marcos River gorge. To push the modern carretera through the steep terrain, the engineers will be constructing 9 tunnels and several high bridges. Three will exceed 100 meters including El Zoquita, Sin Nombre I and San Marcos. That total reaches 4 if you include the Texcapa Bridge near Huachinango which is 150 meters high and was completed during the first phase of the highway's construction in 2005.


A map of the most difficult stretch of highway between Nuevo Necaxa and Ávila Camacho.


When completed, the México-Tuxpan highway will connect Mexico City with the Gulf of Mexico 182 miles (293 kms) away.


The new carretera will open up new trade routes to the interior of the country as well as Mexico City.