Baoshan Jialing Bridge

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Baoshan Jialing Bridge
Chongqing, Chongqing, China
(295) feet high / (90) meters high
820 foot span / 250 meter span

Baoshan Jialing Render2.jpg

Baoshan Jialing Bridge is a giant cantilevered beam bridge with a main span of 250 meters on piers as tall as 77 meters. The deck is 39 meters wide and is one of more than 40 major crossings of the Jialing River.

Baoshan Jialing Render3.jpg

Baoshan Jialing Render.jpg

Baoshan Jialing Render4.jpg

Baoshan Jialing.jpg


Baoshan Jialing Bridge satellite image.



Baoshan Jialing Bridge location map.