Diguapo Number 2 Bridge

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Diguapo Number 2 Bridge
Yuqing, Guizhou, China
(361) feet high / (110) meters high
492 foot span / 150 meter span

Diguapo -2Satellite.jpg

One of many high beam bridges on the Anjiang Expressway, the Diguapo #2 Bridge is a concrete cantilevered beam crossing with a central span structure of 85+150+85 meters.

The route extends from Weng'an to Jiangkou, Guizhou and also includes the Qinggangpo, Doushanba, Kaixiahe and Malupo #1 beam bridges.

Diguapo -2Satellite.jpg

Diguapo #2 Bridge satellite image.


Diguapo #2 Bridge location map.