Fengxi Bridge

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Fengxi Bridge
Wuxi, Chongqing, China
361 feet high / 110 meters high
394 foot span / 120 meter span


Fengxi Bridge is on the 46.3 kilometer north-south Fengxi expressway (奉溪高速公路) that links the remote city of Wuxi with the city of Fengjie and the G42 expressway that travels east-west along the north side of the 3 Gorges region of the Yangtze River. The expressway will eventually extend north into Hubei and Shaanxi Province.

A rare single tower T-beam crossing, the Fengxi Bridge consists of two parallel bridges, each with two spans of 120 meters. The downstream structure is supported on a central pier 85 meters high. Also on the Wuxi expressway and around 100 meters high is the Jijing Bridge with a main beam span of 150 meters.




Fengxi Bridge expressway map.