Fuchun Bridge

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Fuchun Bridge
Fuchunxiang, Sichuan, China
(328) feet high / (100) meters high
(328) foot span / (100) meter span

Fuchun Bridge1.jpg

The Fuchun Bridge is one of many high beam spans on the G5 Expressway south of the city of Yingjing in Sichuan Province. The rare cantilevered "T" beam design was also used on the nearby Tangjiawan Bridge.

The map below shows no less then 9 bridges over 100 meters high in the mountainous stretch below Yingjing City. This includes the giant Labajin Bridge which is one of the tallest beam viaducts in the world.


Fuchun Bridge2.jpg

Fuchun Bridge3.jpg


Fuchun Bridge satellite image.


Fuchun Bridge location map.