Hongqi Bridge Kaichun

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Hongqi Bridge Kaichun
Enping, Guangdong, China
(312) feet high / (95) meters high
443 foot span / 135 meter span

Hongqi Bridge Kaichun5.jpg

Hongqi Bridge Kaichun is one of four high beam bridges along the Kaiping to Yangchun Expressway in Southern Guangdong Province. The long 2,638 meter structure has several main spans of 135 meters on piers as tall as 83 meters.

Just 2 kilometers to the west is the similar sized Shuangyue Bridge.

Hongqi Bridge Kaichun3.jpg

Hongqi Bridge Kaichun7.jpg

Hongqi Bridge Kaichun2.jpeg

Hongqi Bridge's strange span.jpg

Hongqi Bridge Kaichun4.jpg


Hongqi Bridge Kaichun satellite image.



Hongqi Bridge Kaichun location map.