Incienso Bridge

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Incienso Bridge
Puente Incienso
Guatemala City, Guatemala
430 feet high / 131 meters high
400 foot span / 122 meter span


Located in the heart of Guatemala City, the massive Incienso viaduct is the highest road bridge in Central America carrying 6 lanes more than 430 feet (131 mtrs) above a V-shaped ravine. The main span is 400 feet (122 mtrs). Nearby Naranjo Viaduct is also very high at 230 feet (70 mtrs) and similar in design to Incienso. Also in the heart of the city and 230 foot high (70 mtr) is the famous Puente Las Vacas railway bridge. Bungee jumping is sometimes offered at the nearby Puente de la Asunción, reported to be in the 131 foot (40 mtr) height range.

Incienso Bridge Elevation




Incienso Bridge satellite image.


Incienso Bridge satellite image.