Jinshuigou Route 108 Bridge

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Jinshuigou Route 108 Bridge
Heyang, Shaanxi, China
318 feet high / 97 meters high
164 foot span / 50 meter span


Located north of the much larger Jinshuigou G5 expressway Bridge, the local Route 108 Bridge is still an impressive crossing in its own right. Rising 97 meters high, the 2-lane viaduct bypasses an older descent down into the river valley. The central portion of the 510 meter long bridge consists of 6 spans of 50 meters.

The nearby G5 is one of China's longest north-south expressways extending 2,865 kilometers between Kunming city in the south to the capital city of Beijing in the north. The stretch through Shaanxi Province has several large viaducts that break up the otherwise flat landscape of arid desert plateau that parallels China's great Yellow River.



Jinshuigou Route 108 Bridge satellite image.


Jinshuigou Bridges satellite image.


Older Jinshuigou Bridges satellite image showing less industrial growth in the upper right.


Jinshuigou Bridges location map.