Nanpanjiang Bridge Puzhehei

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Nanpanjiang Bridge Puzhehei
Shedexiang, Yunnan, China
1,558 feet high / 475 meters high
3,051 foot span / 930 meter span
World's Tallest Bridge

Puzhehei Nanpanjiang3.jpg

With a main span of 930 meters supported on towers 385 meters tall, the Nanpanjiang Bridge Puzhehei is the largest mountain cable stayed span ever built. The deck soars 444 meters above the full level of the reservoir that was created behind the Yunpeng Dam power station or 475 meters above the original level of the Nanpanjiang River.

Despite the great height of the Puzhehei Bridge deck, the real engineering achievement of this cable stayed colossus is the 385 meter tall west tower that surpassed the Millau Viaduct in France by 50 meters to become the world's tallest bridge structure.

The main span of 930 meters will also be a world record for the longest truss-deck cable stayed span ever. The span configuration is 3x84 +108 +930 +108 +3x84+3x40 for a total length of 1,777 meters. Puzhehei is the largest bridge on the Luxi to Qiubei to Guangnan to Funing route known as the Luqiuguangfu Expressway.

Nanpanjiang Bridge Puzhehei

Puzhehei Nanpanjiang.jpg

Puzhehei Nanpanjiang2.jpg


Nanpanjiang Bridge PuzheheiAltRender.jpg

Nanpanjiang Puzhehei Const.jpg

Nanpanjiang Bridge PuzheheiFoundationTruck Panorama.jpg

Nanpanjiang Bridge PuzheheiTowerFoundationFar.jpg

NanpanjiangBridgePuzhehei New Crossing.jpg


Nanpanjiang Bridge Puzhehei satellite image.



Nanpanjiang Bridge Puzhehei location map.