Colle Isarco Viaduct

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Colle Isarco Viaduct
Viadotto Colle Isarco
Colle Isarco, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy
361 feet high / 110 meters high
535 foot span / 163 meter span


One of the longest and highest viaducts on the Brenner highway between Italy and Austria, the Colle Isarco has a cantilevered central span of 535 feet (163 mtrs). Like many Italian bridges of the 1970s, a belly span makes up the middle third of the main span. For the approach spans, A-frame piers are topped with long hammerhead caps that support - what else! - more suspended concrete belly spans. The entire viaduct measures 3,375 feet (1028.8 meters) in length. The bridge is located at the very start of SS49 near its junction with the A22 Brenner highway,


Colle Isarco Viaduct satellite image.

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