Favazzina 1974 Bridge

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Favazzina 1974 Bridge
Viadotto Favazzina 1974
Favazzina, Calabria, Italy
(482) feet high / (147) meters high
(164) foot span / (50) meter span


Morandi’s classic Favazzina viaduct on Italy’s A3 motorway is slated for destruction around 2012 when it is finally replaced by a new strut frame bridge. Opened in 1974, the southern stretch of the A3 has become dangerous with narrow lanes, no shoulders and tight curves. A huge reconstruction project is underway with new tunnels and viaducts as well as wider curves and shoulders.

Favazzina 1974 Bridge Elevation




Favazzina 1974 Bridge satellite image.


Another Morandi Viaduct with clothespin shaped piers similar to the original Favazzina Bridge. Image by basi-melo / Flickr.

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