Veglio-Pistolesa Bridge

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Veglio-Pistolesa Bridge
Viadotto Veglio-Pistolesa
Biella, Piemonte, Italy
500 feet high / 152 meters high
(150) foot span / (46) meter span


Another one of Italy’s many multi-towered, short span viaducts, the Veglio-Pistolesa crossing is an especially high example of this simple type of bridge. Constructed in 1968, the tallest pier extends deep into the bowels of a tree-filled ravine. Nicknamed “Colossus”, the narrow 2-lane bridge can be viewed from below by driving down into the river valley.

In 1994, a bungee jumping operation opened on the Veglio-Pistolesa, giving visitors a chance to drop straight down between two of the highest piers. There is even nighttime jumping if you really want to feel like you are falling into an abyss. Open weekends only, the bungee operation is located in the mountains 56 miles (90 km) north of Torino and 62 miles (100 kms) northwest of Milan. You can visit the official Veglio-Pistolesa bungee bridge web site at

Veglio-Pistolesa Bridge Elevation



Image by Giovanni Pianceri.

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