Baixiangling Bridge

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Baixiangling Bridge
Changbaxiang, Guizhou, China
(328) feet high / (100) meters high
(394) foot span / (120) meter span

Baixiangling 120mtrSpan668mtrLong.jpeg

Baixiangling Bridge is the highest beam span along the Deyu Expressway in central Guizhou Province. The 668 meter long structure has a main span of 120 meters.

Just several kilometers to the south is the giant Wujiang Deyu arch bridge with a concrete filled steel tubular main span of 475 meters ranking it among the world's dozen longest arch spans.

The Wujiang River has more high bridges across it than any other waterway in the world.


Image by Eric Sakowski /



Baixiangling Bridge Satellite.jpg

Baixiangling Bridge satellite image.

Baixiangling BridgeLocationMap.jpg

Baixiangling Bridge location map.