Baojinggong Bungy Platform

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Baojinggong Bungy Platform
Yingde, Guangdong, China
(197) feet high / (60) meters high
(131) foot span / (40) meter span

Baojinggong Glass PlatformLake.jpg

Located within the Baojinggong Palace resort area, the Baojinggong Bungy Platform and Glass Footbridge can be reached via a glass elevator. Also on the mountain is a steel track mountain coaster and a zip line.

The lake is located just west of the great Bei River that feeds into the Pearl River Delta.

Baojinggong Glass.jpg

Baojinggong PlatformBungy.jpg

Baojinggong Bungy Platform.jpg


Baojinggong GlassElevator2.jpg

Baojinggong Bungy Platform2.jpg

Baojinggong Glass Slide3.jpeg

Baojinggong Glass Open 2019.jpg

Baojinggong GlassElevator.jpg

Baojinggong Glass Drone.jpg


Baojinggong Glass Trees.jpeg

Baojinggong GlassElevatorTop.jpg

Baojinggong Glass Zip.jpg

Baojinggong SlidePeople.jpg

Baojinggong GlassSatellite.jpg

Baojinggong Glass Footbridge and Bungy Platform satellite image.

Baojinggong GlassSatelliteWide.jpg

Baojinggong GlassLocationMap.jpg

Baojinggong Glass Footbridge and Bungy Platform location map.

Baojinggong GlassLocationMapWide.jpg