Caihong Xianshouqiao Glass Platform

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Caihong Xianshouqiao Glass Platform
Youxi, Fujian, China
(66) feet high / (20) meters high
(9) foot span / (3) meter span

Caihong XianshouqiaoFinger.jpeg

An unusual glass walkway attraction, the Caihong Xianshouqiao Glass Platform threads guests through a giant white hand that stands 19 meters tall. Although not very high, the scenic area has great views of some spectacular mountain scenery just an hour's drive from Fuzhou. The area also has some glass domed hotel accommodations overlooking the great white hand.

Caihong Xianshouqiao.jpeg

Caihong XianshouqiaoPalmSky.jpeg

Caihong XianshouqiaoPalmRainbow.jpeg

Caihong Xianshouqiao6.jpeg

Caihong Xianshouqiao4.jpeg

Caihong XianshouqiaoPalmConst.jpg

Caihong Xianshouqiao2.jpeg

Caihong XianshouqiaoPalm.jpeg

Caihong XianshouqiaoPalmSunspot.jpeg

Caihong XianshouqiaoPalmSunset.jpeg

Caihong XianshouqiaoWhiteHand.jpeg

Caihong Xianshouqiao3.jpeg

Caihong Xianshouqiao5.jpeg

Caihong XianshouqiaoPalmSky.jpg

Caihong XianshouqiaoPalmBird.jpg

Caihong XianshouqiaoPalmFingers.jpg

Caihong XianshouqiaoPalmGlassDome.jpeg

Caihong XianshouqiaoPalmNightDome.jpeg

Caihong XianshouqiaoSatellite.jpg

Caihong Xianshouqiao Glass Platform satellite image.

Caihong XianshouqiaoSatelliteWide.jpg

Caihong XianshouqiaoLocation.jpg

Caihong Xianshouqiao Glass Platform location map.

Caihong XianshouqiaoLocationWide.jpg