Caojie Jialing River Bridge

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Caojie Jialing River Bridge
Chengjiangzhen, Chongqing, China
(295) feet high / (90) meters high
1,132 foot span / 345 meter span

Caojie Jialing 345mtrSpan Render.jpg

The Jialing River is a showcase of Chinese bridge engineering with every imaginable style of bridge built across it since 2000. The Caojie Jialing crossing is one of the largest examples yet built with a cable stayed configuration consisting of towers 158 and 168 meters tall supporting a main span of 345 meters. The towers reach a height of 175 meters above the river surface.

Caojie Jialing24.jpeg

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Caojie Jialing By Wang.jpg

Image by Wang.

Caojie Jialing Bridge3.jpeg

Caojie Jialing By Wang2.jpg

Image by Wang.

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Caojie Jialing Bridge2.jpg

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Caojie Jialing 175mtrTower.jpg

Caojie Jialing Bridge7.jpg


Caojie Jialing River Bridge satellite image.


Caojie Jialing River Bridge location map.