Chaibuxi Bridge

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Chaibuxi Bridge
Yuyangguanzhen, Hubei, China
935 feet high / 285 meters high
1,575 foot span / 480 meter span

Chaibuxi Render.jpg

The highest cable stayed bridge in Hubei Province, the Chaibuxi Bridge crosses a deep section of the Chaibuxi River just 3 kilometers west of Yuyangguan City along the G59 Yilai Expressway between Yibin and Laifeng.

Located at kilometer 14, the 1,384 meter long structure has a main span configuration of 66+146+480+146+80 meters supported by towers 213 and 167 meters tall. Long approach viaducts on both sides are supported by many 30 meter approach spans.

Just a kilometer to the south is the Hanyanghe arch bridge completed in 2014 along local route S325.


Chaibuxi Bridge satellite image.


Chaibuxi Bridge location map.