Dashanbao Glass Viewing Platform

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Dashanbao Glass Viewing Platform
Zhaotong, Yunnan, China
(656) feet high / (200) meters high
(30) foot span / (9) meter span

Dashanbao Glass4.jpeg

One of China's highest and most spectacular cantilevered glass platforms, the Dashanbao overlook opened in 2020 at the edge of a vertical karst cliff at an elevation of more than 2,500 meters above sea level.

The tourist site is actually composed of two glass platforms a few hundred meters apart. A BASE jumping event was held there in 2021.

Dashanbao GlassDrone.jpg

Dashanbao GlassSideDrone.jpg

Dashanbao GlassSideClose.jpg

Dashanbao Glass77.jpeg

Dashanbao Glass7.jpg

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Dashanbao Glass6.jpeg

Dashanbao Glass3.jpeg

Dashanbao Glass20.jpg

Dashanbao GlassSatellite.jpg

Dashanbao Glass Viewing Platform satellite image.

Dashanbao GlassSatellite2.jpg

Dashanbao GlassLocation.jpg

Dashanbao Glass Viewing Platform location map.

Dashanbao GlassLocationWide.jpg