Duxian Glass Footbridge

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Duxian Glass Footbridge
Shiqian, Guizhou, China
(262) feet high / (80) meters high
(787) foot span / (240) meter span

Xianrenchuhai Glass Footbridge6.jpg

Duxian Glass Footbridge is one of the largest pedestrian tourist bridges in Guizhou Province with a main span of at least 240 meters. The location at the edge of a mesa offers spectacular views of Shiqian City located over 500 meters lower in elevation.

Also at the Xianrenjie Scenic area is what was at the time the world's longest cantilevered glass platform at 91.8 meters. This surpassed the Lingjiangyuan Glass Viewing Platform which had a cantilevered length of 79 meters. Also opened in 2019 is the Yanoda Glass Viewing Platform with a new record 108 meter cantilevered length. Back in 2017 the record was held by the 75 meter long Wansheng Glass Platform.

Just south of the Duxian Glass Footbridge is a smaller cantilevered glass platform.

Duxian and Xianrenjie are just the latest Chinese glass tourism structures to cash in on the glass bridge craze that started in 2016 with the opening of the Zhangjiajie Glass Footbridge in Hunan Province.

Duxian Glass Footbridge Bottom.jpg

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Xianrenjie Glass4.jpg

A drone view of the approach roads to the overlook.

Xianrenjie Glass5.jpg

Xianrenchuhai Glass Footbridge.jpg

Xianrenjie Glass.jpg

Xianrenjie GlassBlue.jpg

Xianrenjie Glass Tip2.jpeg

Xianrenjie Glass10.jpg

Xianrenjie 91.8mtrs.jpg

Xianrenjie Glass6.jpg

Xianrenjie Glass Truss.jpg

Xianrenjie Glass8.jpg

Xianrenjie GlassConst.jpg


Duxian Glass 渡仙桥.jpg


Xianrenjie Glass Open2019.jpg

Xianrenchuhai Glass Footbridge Tip.jpg

Xianrenchuhai Glass Swing.jpeg

Xianrenjie Glass Swings.jpg

Xianrenjie Glass12.jpg

Xianrenjie GlassBlue3.jpg

Xianrenjie Glass11.jpg

Xianrenjie Glass Render.jpg

Xianrenjie GlassSatellite.jpg

Duxian Glass Footbridge Footbridge satellite image.

Xianrenjie GlassLocation.jpg

Duxian Glass Footbridge location map.

Xianrenjie GlassLocationWide.jpg