Fengshihe River Viaduct

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Fengshihe River Viaduct
Jiyuan, Henan, China
(374) feet high / (114) meters high
394 foot span / 120 meter span


Sprawling across a valley almost a mile wide, the huge Fengshihe River Viaduct carries 4 lanes of traffic 374 feet (114 mtrs) above the Fengshi River in China’s Western province of Henan. Located on the S28 Expressway, the maximum pier height is either 101 to 104 meters and there are 5 central spans of 394 feet (120 mtrs) and two side spans of 217 feet (66 mtrs).

横跨一英里宽山谷的巨大的逢石河特大桥,共设四车道,位于中国河南省逢石河上方114米处。桥长1499 m,主桥采用66+5×120+66 m连续刚构,