Großdorfer Bridge

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Großdorfer Bridge
Großdorfer Brücke
Lingenau, Vorarlberg, Austria
348 feet high / 106 meters high
(328) foot span / (100) meter span


A two lane prestressed concrete beam bridge, the 348 feet (106 mtrs) high Großdorfer Brücke curves across a forested river valley between the two small towns of Lingenau and Grossdorf in the mountains of Vorarlberg, Austria. In the warmer months, a bungee operation opens on the bridge. You can find out more at This bridge should not be confused with the nearby Lingenau Brücke bridge between Lingenau and Muselbach. Constructed in 1969, this beautiful concrete arch is 295 feet (90 mtrs) high and has a main span of 689 feet (210 mtrs).

GroßdorferBrücke bungee feet.


Satellite image showing the Lingenau Bridge (upper left), and Großdorfer Bridge (lower right).