Hongqifeng Glass Footbridge

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Hongqifeng Glass Footbridge
Fuliang, Jiangxi, China
(328) feet high / (100) meters high
(1,706) foot span / (520) meter span

Hongqifeng GlassRender.jpg

Soon after foundation construction began in 2020, construction on the Hongqifeng Glass Footbridge was put on hold and it is unclear when or if construction will ever be restarted.

The giant Hongqifeng Glass Bridge was planned to open as one of the five largest footbridges in the world with a gargantuan clear span of 520 meters. Since the famous Zhangjiajie Glass Footbridge was completed in 2016, China has built several hundred glass pedestrian copycats. While a few of these tourism crossings exceeded the length of the original in Zhangjiajie, none has had a deck as wide as the 9 meter width of Hongqifeng.

The architects of Hongqifeng have also created the world's biggest Tibet-style footbridge with the deck following the natural sag of the suspension cables with no support towers. This design requires guests to descend about 50 meters from the elevation of the bridge anchorages to the center of the span which might be difficult for some older guests.

The main cables terminate into large oval-shaped gateways that beautifully frame the canyon as well as giving a space for Chinese calligraphy to be etched into the walls. The massive glass panels look to be approximately 5 meters in width which is twice as wide as most other glass bridges in China.

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Hongqifeng GlassSatellite.jpg

Hongqifeng Glass Footbridge satellite image.

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Hongqifeng GlassLocation.jpg

Hongqifeng Glass Footbridge location map.

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