Huangjinwan Bridge

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Huangjinwan Bridge
Tuchengzhen, Guizhou, China
(279) feet high / (85) meters high
131 foot span / 40 meter span


Huangjinwan Bridge is a large 1,250 meter long double viaduct along the Zunchi expressway that connects Renhuai City to the Guizhou/Sichuan border.

The structure has 31 spans of 40 meters on piers as tall as 80 meters.

Just to the west is the 135 meter high Tucheng beam bridge that crosses the giant Chishuihe River in northern Guizhou Province. The 4-lane Zunchi highway has several other large beam bridges including Tongzihe and Eralanghe which have piers that rank among the tallest in the world.


Tucheng and Huangjinwan Bridges satellite image.