Jinqi Bridge

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Jinqi Bridge
Xiuwen, Guizhou, China
837 feet high / 255 meters high
1,050 foot span / 320 meter span


Jinqi Bridge is one of the tallest cable stayed bridges in the world with the north tower rising 298.5 meters from foundation to top. The pier shaft section below the deck measures a jaw-dropping 200.5 meters supporting a span configuration of 169+320+169 meters.

The 672 meter long Maotiao River crossing is the largest structure on the 6-lane Wudang to Changshun Outer Ring Expressway of Guiyang. The diameter of each of the Jinqi Bridge foundation piles is 3.2 meters with the concrete pad dimension of 67.2 meters in length, 28.5 meters in width and 9 meters high.


Jinqi 金旗特大桥 672mtrLong.jpg

Maotianhe Bridge 850m span.jpeg

Original plans called for the Maotiaohe Bridge to be a 1,307 meter long suspension bridge with a main span of 850 meters and a height of more than 300 meters. A decision was made to go with a more gradual grade requiring more tunnels and a lower bridge deck.


Jinqi Bridge satellite image.



Jinqi Bridge location map.