Lancangjiang Yunlu Bridge

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Lancangjiang Yunlu Bridge
Miaoweixinxiang, Yunnan, China
(1,230) feet high / (375) meters high
2,461 foot span / 750 meter span

Yunlu Lancang River 750mtrSpan.jpeg

The highest cable stayed bridge crossing along the entire Lancang River, the Yunlu Bridge deck soars more than 200 meters above a deep reservoir just north of Miaoweixinxiang City in Yunnan Province. The truss stiffened main span of 750 meters is countered by short side spans held down by heavy concrete deck sections similar to the Yachi Bridge in Guizhou Province. The Yunlu Expressway 了云龙至泸水高速公路 is located east of Dali City and continues west to Nujiang Prefecture.

Yunlu LancangjiangSatellite.jpg

Lancangjiang Yunlu Bridge satellite image.

Yunlu LancangjiangSatelliteWide.jpg


Lancangjiang Yunlu Bridge location map.

Yunlu Expressway Map.jpg