Lingzhi Xiantai Glass Footbridge

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Lingzhi Xiantai Glass Footbridge
Badong, Hubei, China
(131) feet high / (40) meters high
525 foot span / 160 meter span

Lingzhi XiantaiGlassTreesSlope.jpg

Located 800 meters above the Yangtze River, the Lingzhi Xiantai Glass Footbridge and Overlook is one of the most spectacular high points in China. After a ropeway takes guests up to the top of a mountain, walkways lead to a panoramic view of the 3 Gorges region from either a circular shaped glass platform or from a 160 meter long glass footbridge. There is also an amphitheater.

The Yangtze River can also be viewed from public walkways along the edges of the beautiful Badong Yangtze River Bridge.

Lingzhi XiantaiFootbridgeCables.jpg

Lingzhi XiantaiClouds.jpg

Lingzhi XiantaiDownView.jpg

Lingzhi Xiantai FootbridgeTrees.jpg

Lingzhi XiantaiGlassRailings.jpg

Lingzhi Xiantai GlassRiver.jpg

Lingzhi XiantaiCenter.jpg

Lingzhi XiantaiDrop.jpg

Lingzhi XiantaiRailings.jpg

Lingzhi XiantaiSteelDeck.jpg

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Lingzhi XiantaiSatellite.jpg

Lingzhi Xiantai Glass Footbridge satellite image.

Lingzhi XiantaiSatelliteWide.jpg

Lingzhi XiantaiLocationMap.jpg

Lingzhi Xiantai Glass Footbridge location map.