Luocheng Tiankeng Footbridge

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Luocheng Tiankeng Footbridge
Luocheng, Guangxi, China
(361) feet high / (110) meters high
(607) foot span / (185) meter span

Luocheng Tiankeng FootbridgeCostumes.jpeg

Two of the most unusual footbridges in the world, the Luocheng Tibet-style pedestrian crossings span over one of China's amazing Tiankengs - caves created when a hole opens up above an underground river. Guangxi Province has more tiankengs than any region in the world.

The two footbridges have openings alternating with wood slats that require guests to attach themselves to an overhead wire for safety.

The site also has cliffwalks that descend to the bottom, zip lines, a pool and hotel accommodations overlooking the cave.

Luocheng TiankengProb185mtrSpan.jpeg

Luocheng Tiankeng Footbridge.jpeg

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Luocheng TiankengView.jpg

Luocheng TiankengSlats.jpeg

Luocheng TiankengHole.jpg

Luocheng TiankengCliffwalks.jpg

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Luocheng TiankengZip.jpeg

Luocheng Tiankeng Glass FootbridgeSatellite.jpg

Luocheng Tiankeng Footbridge satellite image.

Luocheng Tiankeng Glass FootbridgeLocationMap.jpg

Luocheng Tiankeng Footbridge location map.

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