Nanpanjiang Bridge Suomeng

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Nanpanjiang Suomeng Bridge
Kaiyuan, Yunnan, China
361 feet high / 110 meters high
591 foot span / 180 meter span


China has only a handful of extradosed bridges and they are an even rarer type of bridge in the mountainous provinces of the west. That makes the Nanpanjiang Suomenggao Bridge a welcome sight on the G8011 Suomenggao expressway in southern Yunnan.

The Nanpanjiang Suomenggao Bridge has piers 98 meters tall supporting a span configuration of 108+180+108 meters with 30 meter approach spans. The extradosed tower is 29 meters above the deck level. The top width of the main span is 27.3 meters. There are 36 pairs of cable stays with spacing of 7 meters along the deck and spacing of 1.2 meters up the towers with the strands passing through the towers continuously.

The bridge is located north of Kaiyuan city in southern Yunnan Province.




Nanpanjiang Railway Bridge MimengLocation.jpg

The Nanpanjiang Suomeng Bridge location map.